K&N Media Wedding Services

Here's pretty much everything you need to know about our wedding services!

It's Your Big Day!

And there's no one who understands that more than us. We understand there's a lot going on throughout the day, but after all is said and done, our biggest goal is that you never have to worry about us doing our job! 

Capturing The Most Important Moments!

Above all else, capturing the most important moments are what we thrive on. Because we shoot every wedding with a minimum of two photographers and/or two videographers, it allows us to capture one moment from two different angles, or even two different moments at the same time. Whether it be seeing a dad cry happy tears when dancing with his beautiful daughter or sharing a first kiss as a newlywed couple...it's our job to capture the moments that will never be forgotten.   

Frequently Asked Questions?

How are down payments handled?

A 50% non refundable down payment is required for all weddings booked with us. The down payments can be handled either online via PayPal using any major credit card, check, or cash.   

Can we see more of your wedding work?

Yes, if you would like to see more of our work, we will be able to send you a sample album via dropbox.

When will you arrive at the location?

We arrive at the location 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time in order to set up our gear and check out the location.

What separates your company from other wedding photographers/videographers?

Well a couple reasons! :) 1. Team: When you book your wedding with us, you will receive two photographers/videographers. That allows us to capture moments from two different angles. 2. Affordability: we understand that everyone doesn't have a huge wedding budget, so we do our best to accommodate your needs with ours. 3. Creativity: Every single wedding we capture is different, and we work closely with our clients to make sure we give them exactly what they want as well as meet and exceed their expectations. 

What does the final video entail?

Our clients have a couple different options for the type of video they want us to create. The first option is receiving a highlight video that consists of all the "highlight" moments of your big day; getting ready, ceremony, vows, speeches, cake cutting, first dance, etc. We work very closely with our clients to make sure that they are receiving exactly what they want. Another option is to do a full video. This contains everything that would be included in the highlight video, along with the full ceremony and full speeches. We do not just record the entire day and give you hours worth of footage. 

How many photos do you receive?

We do not limit the amount of photos that are edited. If it's a good photo, we will edit it. Typically our clients receive anywhere between 500 and 1,000 edited pictures. 

How long will it take to receive my pictures/video?

Our editing process is very detailed and because of that, we do a "give as we go" method of delivery in which once we finish a group or section of images, we send them. This process allows for us to constantly send over final images in chunks as opposed to waiting for all images to be complete, especially since there are so many pictures that we edit. Generally speaking, our typical editing time can vary between 1-3 months. 

Do we offer just editing services for weddings?

If you have footage/pictures from a wedding and you want them edited, we can handle that for you for at a charge. Contact us for specific prices. 


We Love The Details!

We believe the details of your wedding are one of the main components that stitch together the story of your big day. Leave it to us to capture all of the little things you may not even realize that make your wedding day memorable. It could be anything from the beautiful details of the rings, to the buttons on a wedding dress, to noticing a diet coke can that reads soulmate and making it mean something special. We are always on the hunt for the details!

Wedding Testimonials

Tiffany H. - Thank you guys both SO much! We absolutely love our photos! I smile every time I go through them!! I love that there are so many photos of us being natural and not forced smiles, those are the best. Even when we were posed, they are still so great! All of them just turned out perfect--and the photo booth is hilarious! It was so nice that so many shots were taken that we didn't even know were taken, that is an awesome talent to have. You got so many great photos and It is SO hard to choose just a couple to print!!

Monica E. - Omg!!!! The wait was so worth it!!! You guys did awesome !!! I totally cried watching it!! It's beautiful. Thank you so much !! You guys rock!!!

Kylie K. - You guys were the best!!! We loved you! Cannot wait to see those pics! Thank you so much!

Tyler K. - Y'all were awesome at the wedding. You were great to work with.

Rachelle W. - You all are awesome!!!! Great photos and an amazing video! Everything was fabulous and extremely clear! Thank you for all of your hard work in making this one of the most memorable moments of my life!!!! I will see you all again soon :)

Toby W. - The absolute most generous people on earth and nothing below a 10/10 on their profession and true dedication to their work and capturing the best pictures in the perfect moment!!

Dayna W. - Amazingly talented! They made our wedding so special and personal! Thank you!

Dominque S. - Ohhhhhh myyyyyy GOODNESS you guys are the SHIT!!!! (EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE) I will be booking you for everything!!!! WHAT!!!! THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME FREAKING SAUCE!!!!!

If you would like to book your wedding with us, schedule a meeting with us, or if you simply have questions that weren't answered above, please click here to contact us!