Young Shotta, 21 year old artist with Limitless Vibes Music Group. I am from Jacksonville, NC, a small town in Eastern North Carolina. I am currently working on our first mixtape out of LVMG, K.Com and myself set to release Labor Day Weekend 2016. As well as promoting our LVMG movement here in North Carolina and the rest of the East Coast.

When I was fifteen years old I started playing around with words and before I knew it I was writing and rhyming every bar I was putting on paper. At that point I knew I had something special in me. After I had my first performance I definitely knew this is what God had intended me for. I plan on being up there with the best of my most influential rappers I had growing up like Tyga and Lil Wayne.

After linking up with K.Com and coming to Chicago together to elevate our career to the next level, it made me even hungrier than I have ever dreamed of being before. And I know I am not just speaking for myself. LVMG is the new movement and I can’t wait to show all of you everything we have in store for you!

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