What’s going on, K.Com here, rapper with Limitless Vibes Music Group. I am originally from a small military town called Jacksonville, NC, but now am based in Chicago with LVMG to take my hip hop career to the next level. I am currently working on the release of our first mixtape, as well as a few singles. Will be booking a few shows in the next year as well as we continue to build and strengthen our network.

I became an MC at the age of fifteen using it as a means to communicate with other people comfortably. I learned a lot from it. After that, I started doing free local shows and that was the first feeling of success. Being able to make a crowd vibe, I instantly loved it, but it wasn’t enough. Making music and seeing the energy from the crowd just brought more ambition and drove me to set my future on becoming one of the best new young rappers. I eventually linked up with Young Shotta back in Eastern North Carolina and we decided to come to Chicago together to take that next step in our career, and then came the birth of LVMG. Now being a part of LVMG, we can’t wait to show our versatility and how truly limitless we are musically.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing our art with you and the rest of the world. “Music is the motivation."

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